October 25, 2021

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

Rory Galloway reads his short story, "The Turing Test"

I, Science are introducing a series of short audio stories linked with science. Download these stories for your commute or listen to them on your computer.

The series begins with a short story called ‘The Turing Test’ written and read by Rory Galloway.


Turing marcus_jb1973

Comment from the Author

I became fascinated by the concept of a thinking machine after reading a paper written by Alan Turing suggesting a test that could prove a machine has human intelligence. The paper was called ‘Computing, Machinery and Intelligence’. This story asks questions about how humanity might recognise the advent of artificial intelligence and how they might cope with it.

Do you fear Artificial Intelligence? Do you look forward to it? How might it change our world?

We would love your answers in the comments below.

Rory Galloway is studying for an MSc in Science Media Production

Image: Alan Turing sculpture by marcus_jb1973 (Wikimedia Commons)