December 6, 2021

I, Science

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NASA is uncovering Saturn's shrouded moon Titan with this infrared picture, which pierces through Titan's haze, revealing its unseen surface.



This week’s image is a composite infrared picture of Saturn’s moon Titan, taken by NASA’s Cassini probe. This is the best image of Titan we have so far, and was captured when the probe flew-by it at a distance of 6,200 miles (10,000 kilometres) last month, on the 13th of November. The probe’s visual and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIMS) instrument made these pictures, in which blue represents wavelengths centered at 1.3 microns, green represents 2.0 microns, and red represents 5.0 microns. A view at visible wavelengths (centered around 0.5 microns) would show only Titan’s hazy atmosphere. The near-infrared wavelengths in this image allow Cassini’s vision to penetrate the haze and reveal the moon’s surface.


Miquel Sureda is studying for an MSc in Science Communication

Image: NASA