September 24, 2021

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

We find out what on earth a 'science-lifestyle' magazine is by chatting with the founder of Guru magazine...

Guru magazine began its life 18 months ago when founder and editor Stuart Farrimond was browsing a “well known newsagent” in search of something to read. He wanted something sciencey, but also something relevant. And being a trained medical doctor, he fancied something where the science wasn’t too dumbed down.

Eventually realising that no such magazine existed, he decided, along with a few friends, to found a digital magazine. He dubs it a “science-lifestyle” publication – but what could such a concept look like? How can you fuse science with something like fashion or fine dining? In October this year Guru won a major piece of funding from the Wellcome Trust, so Josh Howgego thought it would make a great excuse to catch up with Stu and find out the answers to these questions.

Click play to listen:

Stu kindly joined us in a spare moment from a Wiltshire cafe – we apologise for the babies crying in the background!

The Guru team launch the first edition back in 2011