Calendar: London Zoo Lates 2012

Zoo Lates London Zoo 6-10pm Fridays, June-July 2012, adults only Fancy a wild night out? Then London Zoo Lates could be for you! Tickets are still available for the very popular London Zoo Lates which returns this summer, following great success last year. Every Friday night in June and July, London Zoo is opening its doors […]

Earthquakes and Animals

It was 3.34am when the earthquake hit the zoo. It was in February last year and I was there at the time, staying with the director and his family. It’s hard to describe what happened during the earthquake. I was already awake, having been jolted from sleep by a cacophony of animal noises. I can’t […]

Pick up a Penguin

Buin Zoo is a marine rescue centre. This happened completely by accident thanks to a single penguin which was found washed up on a beach at Punta Arenas. It was a King Penguin, dying from a bite on the chest by a leopard seal. The locals who found it did the only thing they could […]

The Perils of Sexual Imprinting

The zoo needs a psychiatrist, someone is having an identity crisis and it’s not one of the keepers. It is a chicken called Claudio. Suspend your disbelief for a moment; there is a chicken in the zoo that thinks it’s a sheep. Not just any sheep, a Somali Sheep. Chicks have 13-16 hours to imprint […]

Are zoos happy places?

During my last visit to a zoo, I never really felt at ease. Beyond the collective gasps of awe and screams of excitement, an underlying sense of moral wrong constantly lingered as I went from cage to cage, enclosure to enclosure. As a biologist, sometimes I feel obliged to be enraptured by the first-hand experience […]

Animal altruism?

This is Kevin. If you thought that all animal babies were cute then I’m sorry to disappoint, as this is probably the ugliest animal you will ever see. It’s not a mutant, nor is it some sort of small dinosaur: it’s a Black Vulture chick and it shouldn’t be there. I don’t mean it shouldn’t […]