Timeless: Should you freeze your eggs?

Egg freezing for lifestyle as opposed to medical reasons is growing at pace in the UK. Does it provide women with more control over their reproductive futures? Or is it an oversold scam? And if you are considering freezing your eggs, where would you even start? In this event we cut through some of the […]

Timeless: Making it Work in the Workplace

Despite some social changes, combining work and motherhood is still a challenge for contemporary women. Apple and Facebook have responded by offering egg freezing in women’s benefits packages, but what other options are there for innovation in the workplace? What’s failing about current systems, and who’s doing anything to improve the status quo for women? […]

Timeless: social egg freezing

To freeze or not to freeze? That’s the question for many women who might be considering ‘social egg freezing’ as a way to pursue motherhood later in life. But if you haven’t got a clue what it’s all about, an educational pop-up will be arriving at Old Street station later this month. Designed to look like a beauty shop, […]