“It’s a tax write-off. This is where they send the new, the underqualified, the old. And most of all the British. Mars is full of blonde Americans. It’s like they’re building the master race out there.” Billions of miles from home, the lone research base on Pluto has lost contact with Earth. Unable to leave […]


A fearless company of teenagers investigate the workings of the adolescent brain. Brainstorm returns to the Temporary Theatre after a sell-out run, created by one of the UK’s leading companies making theatre with young people. Created with cognitive neuroscientist Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and drawing upon the life experiences of the cast, Brainstorm is a thrilling exploration of the […]

Game Theory

Two plays, two medical procedures, two women questioning what difference their choices can make when medical science seemingly has the power to erase the sins of the past and shield us against the dangers that lie ahead.

Corpus – Writings on the Human Body

We breathe new life into the wonderful Conway Hall library with this live performance of writings about the human body, written on and read from the human body. A large cast of actors, dancers, speakers, scribes, and models come together under the direction of Luke Dixon in a performance that is surprising, provocative and celebratory.

Andy Franzkowiak and New Atlantis

As New Atlantis, the new immersive theatre experience gets ready to launch, Connie Orbach and Neil Stoker interview creative Producer Andy Franzkowiak about working with scientists, and engaging people at a deeper level with important scientific issues.