What is Superconductivity? (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1. The incredible phenomenon of superconductivity was discovered by Onnes in 1911. I have taken advantage of a fictional centenary celebration at Leyden, in the Netherlands, to interview some of the protagonists in this marvellous adventure and have them guide us through a reconstruction of superconductivity’s history up to its open-ended finale. […]

What is Superconductivity? (Part 1)

The incredible phenomenon of superconductivity was discovered in 1911 and celebrated its centenary last year. The breakthrough led to a great number of further discoveries and exotic phenomena, leading in turn to technical applications such as superconductive magnets for particle accelerators, magnetic resonance imaging, maglev trains that can reach speeds of 581 km/h, transformers for […]

The world’s smallest Etch-a-Sketch

Etch-a-sketch is a classic childhood toy. In fact, it’s so well-   known it even makes a cameo in Toy Story. Now, 50 years on, it’s hard to see how you could re-invent this art pad, but some researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology may have done just that, on an nano-scale at least. […]