The SABRE engine- powering future space access

The revolutionary SABRE air-breathing rocket engine, has the potential to transform access to Space. This lecture will explore the unique characteristics of the SABRE engine and the prospects it offers for a single-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle with aircraft-like operation. SABRE is at heart a rocket engine designed to power aircraft directly into space (single-stage to orbit) […]

Dogs in Space

The Cosmonauts exhibition features the first canine space travellers. Visitors can see the type of Sputnik cabin Laika the dog lived in during her brief spaceflight in 1957. It also celebrates the flight of Belka and Strelka, whose safe return to Earth in 1960 paved the way for Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering human flight one year […]

An Optimist’s Tour of the Future by Mark Stevenson

A whistle stop tour of Mark Stevenson’s vision of the future, this book is a crash course in some of science’s hottest topics. Taking a journey around the world, Stevenson tries to get to grips with how science is set to change our lives beyond all recognition. Each pitstop along his journey introduces a new […]