Signs, Symbols, Secrets

The Signs, Symbols, Secrets: an illustrated guide to alchemy exhibition at the Science Museum was born from the discovery last year of one of the 23 legendary Ripley Scrolls in the museum’s archives. These intricately decorated tapestries are named in honour of the alchemist George Ripley, and are thought to be based on a lost […]

#Scicom21 Review: Museum Trends

This is part of a series of reviews of the sessions held by the Science Communication Group on 13th September, in celebration of 21 years of the Science Communication MSc at Imperial College. We will be putting up reviews of each session over the next couple of weeks. If you went to the celebrations and […]

Calendar: Live science – Me in 3D

When we think of the Science Museum, our first thoughts rarely involve contemporary research. Yet, with the help of the public, this is exactly what goes on in Live Science. “Me in 3D” is the new project taking over previous incarnations of Live Science (‘Insight from your Sight‘, ‘Familiar Faces‘). A team of researchers will be […]

Podcast: Radio Package 2: Sounds of the Science Museum

In the second of the I, Science radio package series, I take a look at the “Sounds of the Science Museum”. Museums are traditionally sight- and touch-based, but they use a lot of sound too – interactives, videos, audio content on gallery, and even just the constant sound of busy visitors add to the overall […]

Contagious fun at ‘Lates’

On the last Wednesday of every month, an all-adult crowd are invited to sample the delights of the Science Museum, free from the usual distraction of over-excited children. October’s theme was bio-terrorism and when I arrived at 6:30pm, the length of the queue outside suggested a good night was in store. After being herded into […]