Speed sailing record for Vestas Sailrocket 2?

In December 2008, while attempting to smash the world speed sailing record, Vestas Sailrocket back-flipped into oblivion. Its concussed pilot, Aussie-born Paul Larsen, was left fishing out the shattered pieces of his title hope. Now, after months of hard work and self sacrifice, the UK team is back with a brand new craft.  Can Vestas […]

Unseen Heroes of Science

Gideon Mantell (1790–1852) Mantell was a full-time medical doctor, but made some incredible contributions to palaeontology in his spare time. He was the first to correctly identify dinosaur fossils as giant reptiles and to describe Iguanodon, but was constantly fielding criticism from his rival, the founder of the Natural History Museum, Richard Owen. Eminent French […]