Reactive systems: a powerful paradigm for modelling and analysis from engineering to biology

A reactive system is a dynamic system that evolves in time by reacting to external events. Hardware components and software processes are reactive systems that interact with each other and with their physical environment. Computer science has developed powerful models, theories, algorithms, and tools for analyzing and predicting the behavior of reactive systems. These techniques are […]

Maths and Imaginary Machines

This article is taken from the Spring 2012 issue of I, Science. Programming is a skill that allows us to develop and personalise the functions of computers – and anyone can learn to harness it, argues Michael Cook One of my favourite editions of historical webcomic Hark! A Vagrant! is about Ada Lovelace, daughter of […]

Let’s Get Three-Dimensional

This year at CES, through the swathes of Android phones and tablets, Macbook Air clones or ‘ultrabooks’ as they’ve now been dubbed, 3D reared its head once again. However, this year it was less about 3D TVs (thankfully) and more about 3D printing with the release of MakerBot’s new generation of 3D printers – the […]