Scientists in Parliament Debate

Representation of scientists in parliament is low with just one parliamentary seat taken by a scientifically trained MP. Does this make a difference? Should there be more? …

A Peek at the Pairing Scheme

Since it featured on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, The Royal Society’s Parliamentary Pairing Scheme has seen increased media attention, not all of which has been positive. Alex Smith, a sociologist at the University of Warwick, questioned the credibility of the scheme in an article on the Making Science Public blog. This was recently republished […]

The Thames: Back from the Dead?

Dead fish after an overflow event. Image: Thames Anglers Conservancy. There once was a time when the Thames was teeming with life. Otters, eels, and even salmon were abundant. But time has not been kind to the river, and it has been subjected to the worst consequences of human development. The use and abuse of […]

Lords Question Breadth of PhDs

Innovation is valuable; that’s why the government places such great emphasis on it in their plan for economic growth. Usually, it’s hard to predict where the next big innovation might come from – and so traditionally, scientific research spreads its net wide, so as to maximise it chances of hitting on great discoveries. But the […]

Podcast: Scientists in Parliament

Julian Huppert MP Decisions about science that affect our lives are being made by people with little knowledge of those areas. Should we be worried? Debacles such as Tony Blair’s handling of the MMR vaccine scandal in the early Noughties show what can go wrong when science is poorly handled by politicians. Ten years on, […]

Funding: Too Complex for MPs?

A pressure group called Science for the Future divided opinion among academic scientists in May when it held a satirical funeral in which the deceased was UK science. The wake was composed of 100 angry chemists and physicists. The group drove a black horse-drawn carriage to Downing Street and delivered a petition calling for an […]