When Business and Health Collide: Bhopal, India 1984

BY JOSEPH MALONE In 1969, as part of the “green revolution” in India, Union Carbide established a chemical plant in Bhopal to manufacture the pesticide Carbaryl. It contained the lethal compound Methyl Isocyanate (MIC), twice as heavy as air, meaning should a leak occur, it would create a blanket of deadly gas, smothering anything that […]

Libel tourism cases stacking up against Peter Wilmshurst

In the newest example of UK libel tourism there has been a twist in Peter Wilmshurst’s legal case with US–based NMT Medical: the company has filed yet another defamation suit against him. The suit was formally served to him two weeks ago (24 March 2011) for an appearance he made on BBC Radio back in 2009 […]

I, Science Editor interviews Simon Singh

by Adrian Giordani The Editor of I, Science managed to get hold of Dr. Simon Singh to talk about the recent success in his libel case with the BCA (British Chiropractic Association) and his views on libel law and science communication.   What does the positive outcome of your libel case mean for science communication […]