First Fridays at the Wellcome

Explore the Wellcome Collection’s free exhibitions out of hours. Play eye-opening games in the Reading Room, handle intriguing objects and take a tour of the exhibition, or just have a glass of wine and catch up with friends to make your Friday night a little bit different. This First Friday sees Stephen Coates/The Real Tuesday Weld playing a […]

Science Museum Lates: Our Lives in Data

Join us as we discover just how much you share about yourself without saying a word. Experts will be showing you what your phone is saying about you, how you can avoid facial recognition technology, what data smells like, how to take holiday videos without lifting a finger and what your phone is singing to […]

Burlington House Summer Lates: The Science of Life

Explore the Burlington House Courtyard like never before, and discover the six learned societies that reside here, furthering the study of arts and sciences and sharing it with audiences around the world: At the Royal Society of Chemistry, grab a drink and join postdoctoral research scientist and previous winner of the Chortle Student Comedy Award […]

Natural History Museum Lates: Party animals

Find out what it takes to party like an animal at this month’s Lates. Relax with food and drink, wander the Museum’s galleries after hours and delve deeper by booking an activity with experts. Events this month include: discovering the party tricks of the animal kingdom, working with a mixologist to take a closer look at intoxication in […]

Science Museum Lates

Join us at next month’s Lates as we unlock the next level of the gaming world. Find out the answers to questions such as ‘What makes gaming one of the fastest-growing markets on the planet?’, ‘How have technological advances in games consoles contributed to the real world?’, and ‘Could computer games be the key to battling addictions?’. Get creative in hands-on […]

Ri Lates: Touch and Go

Haptic technologies recreating the sense of touch have revolutionised everything from robotics to medical training. Explore all aspects of touch from neuroscience and perception to virtual reality with talks and activities throughout the Ri. And play with the latest technologies! In collaboration with Imperial College London and Eurohaptics 2016.  

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Join the Royal Society  for their annual  exploration of cutting edge science and state of the art technology, as we host the UK’s most revolutionary research. Their free, week-long festival features 22 curated exhibits and a series of inspiring talks and activities for all ages (including an adults only Lates). Meet the scientists, discover something new […]

Science Museum Lates: Leonardo Da Lates

You know Leonardo the artist from paintings including The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, but tonight we celebrate Leonardo da Vinci, the insatiably curious engineer. Join us as we explore his technological drawings and visions for the future. Try your hand at sculpting, building, mask-making, origami and Renaissance-period dancing. I, Science will once again be […]

Natural History Museum Lates: Seduction and Sexuality

Seduction and sexuality: what do you know about animal attraction and sexual identity in the natural world? This month’s Lates takes place in collaboration with Pride in London. Discover the secret sexuality of the natural world with talks, drop-in activities, comedy, science stations and a bar. Panel discussion: Basic Instincts When it comes to sex, […]

Frankenstein: From Literature to Myth to Bogeyman of Science

‘Frankenstein’ was conceived in June 1816 by the 18-year old Mary Godwin (later Shelley) during a late-night ghost story session at Lake Geneva. It has since become the creation myth for modern times – and an embodiment of society’s anxieties about new science. This illustrated lecture from Sir Christopher Frayling explores the birth of ‘Frankenstein’, […]

Natural History Museum Lates: Butterfly Ball

The Museum comes alive after dark: explore the galleries, enjoy special events and late-night access to our exhibitions, galleries and shops at Lates, on the last Friday of the month. This month has a butterfly theme: make your own antennae, enjoy butterfly related comedy with Wunderkammer, see butterfly and moth wings through an electron microscope and […]

Science Museum Lates: Space and Fashion

Head into orbit at this month’s Lates for a sartorial view of space… We’ll be hosting our very first space-inspired fashion show with the European Space Agency. You’ll get to see outfits from the brightest budding fashion minds across Europe, all designed as practical clothing that includes technology and fabrics relating to space travel. You’ll meet […]

Under the Skin Taxidermy Late

Fancy something a little bit different this weekend? Come visit the Grant Museum of Zoology for our special late opening Under the Skin Taxidermy Late. The evening will feature live taxidermy by ethical taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long and an exclusive viewing of the film short Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens. Our pop-up bar will […]

Lates at the Natural History Museum

This month the Lates is themed around ‘nature at its most extreme.’ Highlights include: Museum scientist Richard Sabin taking you on a gallery tour of the largest and toughest mammals in the world. A comedic take on the extremes of nature with the improvised theatre of The Wunderkammer, and hear from Museum experts. Chili peppers: Turning […]

Science Museum Lates: Lost in Thought

At April’s medical-themed Lates we will delve in to dementia and neuroscience with UCL and Alzheimer’s Research UK. Meet scientists from the Brain Bank where they do research on the brain post-mortem, try an arcade–style video game to destroy a culprit protein in  Alzheimer’s and hear about the effects of boxing on the brain. You’ll also […]

Natural History Museum Lates

Step into the world of dinosaurs at March Lates. Uncover the secrets of the Mesozoic Era, with a little help from your friends and Museum experts. What’s on at Lates? The Natural History Museum comes to life after dark. Play a game of dino guess who, encounter real specimens, do your own interactive science experiments, […]

Ri Lates: Surviving in space

Fifty years since the first space probe landed on the moon, Ri Lates will be exploring space, from the rocket fuel that propels us and the life of an astronaut to the scientific advances our journeys in space have given rise to. What’s life like on the ISS? How do our modern lives depend on […]

Science Museum Lates: Sexuality

It’s that time of the month again and this time, it’s all about sex (baby)! Come and join the Science Museum in discovering why we fancy the people we do,  whether humans can be monogamous and how good you really are at drawing penises. What’s more this month I, Science are going to be there asking Whose Penis is it Anyway? Visit […]

Wellcome Collection Lates: Feeling Emotional

From down in the dumps to over the moon, join us to explore the art and science of human emotions: the technologies we develop, the behaviours we adopt, the languages we create to make sense of ourselves and others. Express your funny feelings through laughter therapy, witness a ‘toddler’ robot modelling human emotional development, experience […]

Natural History Museum Lates: Space

The Natural History Museum comes to life after dark. Night owls can explore our galleries, exhibitions and shops after hours, and enjoy expert-led talks and events at Lates. Events at January Lates include: Space Films – Science vs Fiction Space Odyssey Silent Tour: Meteorites Members’ Silent Tour: Meteorites  

Science Museum Lates: Cosmonauts

It’s that time of the month again! Join the Science Museum in celebrating the innovation and legacy of the Russian space programme. Check out the museum’s resident comedy team, Punk Science. They’ve teamed up with some of the funniest and most interesting people around to entertain and probably educate you with demonstrations of scientific concepts, curious theories and […]

Get Festive with Wellcome Collection

It’s the last Thursday before Christmas and we’ve planned a fantastic night so you can pick up your last minute gifts in style and celebration. On the night, we’ll have author signings including Eimear McBride (A Girl is a Half-formed Thing), Tiffany Watt-Smith (The Book of Human Emotions) and the team behind Ladybird Books for […]

Horniman Museum: Secret Late

A night of secrets awaits… Enjoy covert prohibition performances, underground circus acts, films, artist talks about our secret stores as well as a trail through our hidden Horniman, food, drinks and more. Follow a mysterious trail around the hidden Horniman and explore some of the secrets behind our collections. Discover the links between the Horniman […]

Strange Creatures at Night

Come visit the Grant Musuem of Zoology for a very special late opening of the new Strange Creatures: the art of unknown animal exhibition. Join us for an evening of art, performance, games and live taxidermy over a glass of wine or beer to take another look at the natural world.

Science Museum Lates

The Science Museum’s Lates is a free night for adults that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. This month’s theme: Sexuality.