Natural History Museum: After-School Club for Grown-Ups

Channel your inner child at an event that will take you back to your formative years. Explore the Museum after hours, take part in games and learn about the natural world. Activities will include a torch-lit trail of Museum galleries, a dinosaur T-shirt making class and a treasure hunt. The Silent School Disco is the […]

Natural History Museum Lates

Step into the world of dinosaurs at March Lates. Uncover the secrets of the Mesozoic Era, with a little help from your friends and Museum experts. What’s on at Lates? The Natural History Museum comes to life after dark. Play a game of dino guess who, encounter real specimens, do your own interactive science experiments, […]

Dark matter and dinosaurs: The astounding interconnectedness of the Universe

66 million years ago, a ten-mile-wide object from outer space hurtled into the Earth at incredible speed and destroyed the dinosaurs, along with three-quarters of the other species on the planet. Where did it come from, and why? And how is this connected to dark matter – the most mysterious, elusive stuff in the Universe, […]

DINOSAURS! Of Victorian London

The Crystal Palace dinosaur models were unveiled in 1854 and took the world by storm starting the original Dinomania. Join historian of science and Strange Creatures co-curator Professor Joe Cain as he shares how these models, still on display today, were important in shaping the public’s perceptions of dinosaurs.

Show ‘n’ Tell: Dinosaurs

Find out more about co-curator of UCL’s Strange Creature’s exhibition, Andrew Cuff’s cutting edge research reconstructing dinosaurs from just the fossils of these extinct giant reptiles.

Dino Snores for Grown-ups

Visit the Natural History Museum’s exhibitions and galleries, talk with their scientists, then bed down in the iconic Hintze Hall or watch an all-night movie marathon.

The Digital Dinosaur

Discover how cutting-edge scientific techniques such as laser scanning are helping Museum scientists study the 150 million year old stegosaurus.

The Bone Wars

This article is taken from the Winter 2011 issue of I, Science. The story of 19th century palaeontology is one of personalities and conflicts as well as fossils. Sophie Buijsen investigates the rivalry that fuelled an unprecedented rush of discoveries. In the ground below us lies a world that, in recent centuries, has slowly started […]

Dinosaur fossil was a scrapper

Any kid who watched Jurassic Park through their fingers will be pleased to hear those Raptors sometimes got what was coming to them! The claw-like ‘toes’ on the Velociraptor contributed to it’s menacing demeanour, yet up until now their function was a mystery. After the discovery of a new species of Raptor in Utah, Scientists […]