The Dark Side of the Womb

regnancy takes self-other hospitality to its absolute extreme: two people reside in one body, sharing a two-way system. Drawing on multidisciplinary sources of psychoanalysis, neonatal research, social psychology, feminist theory and cultural studies we explore unconscious effects of inter-corporeality on all of us who are of woman born.

PUBSCI: The surprisingly serious science of baby laughter

The laughter of little babies is infectious, enchanting and may play an important role in their early development. Yet it was largely overlooked by science. Caspar conducted a large global survey of new parents to discover what makes their babies laugh (see In this talk Caspar will present the results of his research and show how it reveals a serious and important purpose to this delightful behaviour.

Contraception Goes Wild

The female contraceptive pill is often hailed as one of the greatest successes of modern medicine, by both women and men alike. However, contraceptives for conservation is another issue altogether. The vast array of hormonal mechanisms, methods of conceiving and durations of pregnancy that are present within mammals alone is enough to give any reproductive […]

Puppy love

Warning: this post contains scenes of extreme cuteness and adorability. Reader discretion is advised. Scientists have, for the first time, proved systematically that tiny little kittens and puppies are actually cute. It sounds incredibly obvious; even the coldest, stony-hearted grinches out there will melt at the sight of a baby animal looking up at them. […]