Humans and Animals: The Tangled Web of Culture

Arutyun Arutynyan visits the Royal Institution for an exploration of culture; do Chimpanzees have culture? How is our culture affecting us? And where will it lead us?..

Did Humans Emerge “Out of Asia”?

The phrase ‘out of Africa’ has become synonymous with the concept of early primate – and by extension, human – evolution. However, recent research challenges this view, instead indicating that primates left Asia some tens of millions of years ago and colonised Africa, where they continued their evolution. The new findings, produced by an international […]

Interview With Survival International

This interview accompanies our Uncontacted Tribes article. Stephen Corry of Survival International took issue (in a comment thread here) with the claim made by Dr Michael Stewart in that article that “uncontacted tribes” were a fantasy. I invited him to outline Survival International’s position. DH: How and why was Survival International set up and what […]

Uncontacted Tribes?

This article is taken from the Winter 2011 issue of I, Science. Douglas Heaven asks Dr. Michael Stewart if there really are any uncontacted tribes left out there. In January 2006, two Indian fishermen were killed by indigenous tribesmen when their boat drifted too close to North Sentinel Island, a tiny outcrop in the Andaman […]