Stellar Photos

The Cosmic Gallery: The Most Beautiful Images of the Universe
Giles Sparrow
Quercus (2013)

Some stories can’t be told with words. When it comes to the story of the universe, Giles Sparrow trusts the only thing that truly seems fitting for such a cosmic story: photographs.

Space-lovers will fawn over the intricacies of the universe that each picture showcases. From photos of the rainbow layers of a ring nebula, to the yellow rays of sunlight that lick the outline of Venus during its transit of the Sun, Sparrow shows readers the majesty of our celestial backyard in extreme detail.

Beyond being intricate, the 100 images printed in the book are visually intoxicating. Photographers will be stunned by the clarity and dignity with which Sparrow provides snapshots of our cosmos. They will also garner details about how the photo was taken and who took it.

Though the book is mostly made up of photographs, this is not to say there isn’t text amongst the quixotic beauty displayed in the book. Science nuts will delight in the details provided by the text that accompanies each image. In addition to providing a fact box that succinctly breaks down what is being shown in the photo, along with a few quick numerical details about the celestial object, the text splits the book up into six thematically organized chapters. Each chapter expands on an aspect of our galaxy while providing interesting galactic, historical and social information to set the backdrop for each exotic image.

Whether you want to peruse the book while sitting in an armchair on a rainy day or use it to learn about the majesties in our universe, The Cosmic Gallery is a book that should adorn every bookshelf or coffee table.



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