Video: Edible CERN

In the build-up to CERN’s announcement tomorrow, I, Science is going Higgs mad! Here is a great stop-start animation from a group of Science Communication students explaining exactly how the Large Hadron Collider works – proof that we found it first!

Credit to Peter LarkinHarriet Jarlett, Heather Cruickshank, Sam Cavenagh, Kelly Oakes, Georgia Bladon, Antonio Torrisi, and Dharshani Weerasekera.

Music: Yann Tiersen – Les Deux Pianos

3 thoughts on “Video: Edible CERN

  1. Great stuff guys! I know how painful and slow this can be, you’ve done a solid job, and I think it may also be the clearest explanation I’ve seen of the LHC yet… it helps that I couldn’t take my eyes off the lollies.

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