I, Science Radio Special: Extra-Terrestrials

Ever wondered whether we’re alone in the universe?

Or perhaps you’re more curious about where belly button fluff comes from?

Either way, the I, Science radio team has it covered in this month’s podcast, which is (almost) all about extra-terrestrial life. Packed with interesting interviews, ridiculous facts, and some great music, this is a highly entertaining and educational listen.

Stream it here, or download directly from Imperial College Radio.

I,S Radio

The I, Science radio team at work

The I, Science podcast is produced by Radio Editor Angels Codina and Deputy Editor Miquel Sureda.
This month’s show features presenters Katie Haylor and James Bowers, as well as reporters Daniel Silva, Caroline Steel, Marianne Guenot, Natasha Khaleeq, Wilko Duprez, and Abigail Skinner.

I,S Podcast

Zoë Öhman is studying for an MSc in Science Communication

Photo by Natasha Khaleeq

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