August 11, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

Welcome new I, Science Radio crew! Our new producer is Ryna Lau and our new presenter is Jacqui Wakefield. They were joined in the studio by the I, Science magazine co-editors Charlotte Hartley and Priyanka Dasgupta, and 2019 Science Communication M.Sc. student and creative director Jack Monaghan. Discussion included the benefits of being involved in the upcoming I, Science magazine, and personal interests in science. For Jack, it was spending time with his grandfather doing small chemistry experiments on his kitchen table. Priyanka started a young age being fascinated at the world around her that she didn’t understand. Charlotte’s interest began outside the classroom by watching series like Planet Earth. For Jacqui, science was the excuse to bring dirt, bugs, and water into the home. The show focused on a discussion of the beginnings of science, as Jack painted a story of Leonardo Da Vinci and the relationship between science and art and how that has changed over history. Jacqui posed the question to the panel if history moves in cycles and if scientific models can predict them.

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Ryna Lau
Producer Ryna Lau enjoying her time in the studio
I, Science Radio show for 7 October 2019

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I Science Crew
Radio presenter Jacqui Wakefield joined by Priyanka Dasgupta, Charlotte Hartley, and Jack Monaghan

This week’s I, Science Radio show was hosted by Jacqui Wakefield, and produced by Ryna Lau. We are joined by guests Priyanka Dasgupta, Charlotte Hartley and Jack Monaghan.