August 12, 2022

I, Science

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On the radio this week: 'Bad Science' Experiments and Bad Science in Great Movies

‘Bad Science’ Experiments and Bad Science in Great Movies

We discussed some ‘bad science’ experiments throughout history. Andrew taught us about the buzz around the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, Juan enlightened us about the pitfalls Lysenkoism, Harry badgered us with the British badger culling initiative, and Skylar bombarded us with the Project X-Ray bat bomb experiments. We also talked about some great movies that had some bad science. Harry took us through a wormhole discussing Interstellar and finally, Skylar went prehistoric with the bad (and good) science of Jurassic Park. If you missed this show, please have a listen in at

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This week’s I, Science Radio show was hosted by Skylar Knight and produced by Gina Degtyareva. We joined by guests Andrew Dixon, Juan Rubio Gorrochategui, and Harry Lewis.

Banner image: Fleet Science Centre, Wikipedia