Big Data in the Big Apple

How would you feel if your body, mental health and behaviour were meticulously measured and analysed over a 20 year period? For 10,000 New Yorkers, this will soon become a reality.

One of the biggest human biological data shutterstock_331037000collection studies to have ever been conducted, the Kavli HUMAN Project, will involve 10,000 individuals in New York City over a 20 year period. Everything from their mental and physical health, education, environment and even run-ins with the police will be recorded over a 20 year period using a variety of resources including smartphones and wristbands.

So who is behind this huge project? No, not the NSA but good guess – the study will be conducted by researchers from New York University and the Kavli Foundation.

They think that some pretty interesting patterns might crop up that we haven’t been able to see before – specifically in areas such as how smoking effects our health (spoiler alert: pretty badly), diet, ageing and cognitive decline and whatever else they find that’s interesting. It’s one of very few studies that will be able to measure how intertwined biology, behaviour and environment actually are so we’ll be keeping our eye on this one.

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Sarah-Cowen Rivers is studying for an MSc in Science Communication

Image: New York City street (Shutterstock)

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