December 6, 2021

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Margaux Lesaffre on the strange small world where the blue lizard lives

Capri Margaux Lesaffre 1024wFaraglioni are rock formations situated near the island of Capri, Italy. Those stacks were sculpted with time by erosion. They are called Faraglione di Terra (111m), Faraglione di Mezzo (81m) and Faraglione di Fuori (105m). Faraglione di Fuori is home to the  blue lizard (Podarcis sicula coerulea), a native species of this stack. The lizard’s blue scales “like the sea and the sky of Capri” is a great example of camouflage which makes him less visible to predators.

I took this picture during my visit to the bay of Naples and its picturesque islands.

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