I, Science Issue 42 Artwork

Following on from the great feedback we received for using reader artwork in previous issues, our Pictures Editor, Céleste Nilges, reached out to our readers again for their artistic input for our Spring 2019 issue, Bad Science.

Below, we look at each piece more closely.

We would like to thank all of our contributors for these wonderful pieces.

If you would like to be involved in contributing artwork for the next issue, please contact Céleste at celeste.nilges18@imperial.ac.uk.


Cover: Bad Science – Jemma Titheridge

@jemtif / www.jemmatitheridge.com


Cover (back): Bad Science – Jemma Titheridge

@jemtif / www.jemmatitheridge.com

 Bad Science – Bernadeta Dadonaitė


 The Weight of Plastic – Céleste Nilges



ctrl alt-right delete – Céleste Nilges



Female Orgasm – Jemma Titheridge

@jemtif / www.jemmatitheridge.com


CRISPR babies – Nur Pirbhai



Man vs. Ape – Rachel Ng



#Me Too – Rachel Ng


Aliki Krikidi – Rebecca Ellenby

25 November 2016 Gouache and Watercolour on paper


 Xenotransplantation – Riko Yasumiya



 Astrology – Harry Lampert


One thought on “I, Science Issue 42 Artwork

  1. What a great idea to see all the artwork separately as some of the detail is obscured by text in the magazine. Can you repeat this for the last and next issue?

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