Wild hope: Conservation successes




Our little blue planet is dying. For decades scientists have been warning of the potentially fatal affects of pollution, global warming and deforestation. Yet, we all continue to consume unsustainable quantities of various resources; be it gas, wood or even rhino horn.

All the same, Cambridge Zoology Professor Andrew Balmford, is optimistic about Earth’s outlook. The continuous streams of doom and gloom literature surrounding biodiversity is hardly inspiring and Prof Balmford has set out to change this. His new book Wild Hope pulls together some of the world’s most inspiring conservation success stories in the hope of highlighting the excellent ongoing work, as well as the desperate need for more of the same.

At a Royal Society lecture, Graihagh Jackson caught up with the academic-come-science writer to discuss his new book and to look to the future of all our fellow passengers on this one, small planet.

2 thoughts on “Wild hope: Conservation successes

  1. Fantastic interview. Has inspired me to go buy the book. With all the doom and gloom surrounding conservation it’s nice to hear some of the success stories, if nothing else than to acknowledge the hard work of individuals.

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