Being Mindful About Meditation

Content Warning: Please note this article contains discussions about mental health. While we take every care to ensure accuracy within our articles, the author isn’t a licensed medical professional. Feeling like nothing’s changed after the harsh reality of exam season and the ‘most depressing month of the year’? You may be considering meditation as a […]

I, Science News- 27 January 2020

Welcome back to your weekly I, Science News Roundup! This week we continue coverage of the mystery virus in China as it continues to spread; Boris Johnson’s new ‘Global Talent’ visa aimed at attracting scientists; and an immune discovery that could help in the fight against cancer. Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread The coronavirus that […]

I, Science Radio-20 January 2020

This week we’re getting gutsy as we discuss all things microbiome. Presenter Jacqui Wakefield and producer Ryna Lau were joined in the studio by Lydia Melville, Sara Helm Knudson, and Harry Jenkins. We discussed how the microbiome works in the gut and in the vagina. This week’s show was presented by Jacqui Wakefield and produced […]

The Voices Behind Science – Isabella Coales

I had a chat with Isabella Coales, a third year PhD student at Imperial College London (ICL). Her work uses metabolomics (large-scale study of the metabolic products of cells) and transcriptomics (the study of the RNA transcripts that are produced from DNA and encode proteins) to investigate sex differences in myeloid cells. Other cells she […]

I, Science Radio-11 November 2019

This week for our radio show we remember those who fought in wars around the globe. We discuss how war has affected science and how science has affected the war. Today’s show had Ryna as the presenter, Jacqui as a producer, with guest stars Billy Irving and Kenna Castleberry. Ryna she began the discussion with […]

I, Science news-11 November 2019

Your I, Science News Roundup this week covers a statement endorsed by 11,000 scientists about the implications of climate change, new fossil evidence causing us to rethink human evolution, and the first evidence of mammoth hunting pits. The ‘untold suffering’ that the climate crisis could cause A new statement, published in the journal Bioscience, supported […]