The Dark Side of Polling: a pseudo-review of “Proofiness” by Charles Seife

            Polling is one of the most used ways to gauge the feelings or opinions of a large group of people. It’s been used for centuries. According to the book Proofiness, by Charles Seife, the first polling, or at least first political polling “was conducted by the Pennsylvanian, a Harrisburg newspaper, in July 1824” (93). […]

Being Mindful About Meditation

Content Warning: Please note this article contains discussions about mental health. While we take every care to ensure accuracy within our articles, the author isn’t a licensed medical professional. Feeling like nothing’s changed after the harsh reality of exam season and the ‘most depressing month of the year’? You may be considering meditation as a […]

I, Science News- 27 January 2020

Welcome back to your weekly I, Science News Roundup! This week we continue coverage of the mystery virus in China as it continues to spread; Boris Johnson’s new ‘Global Talent’ visa aimed at attracting scientists; and an immune discovery that could help in the fight against cancer. Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread The coronavirus that […]