Designer Deafness

One of the most common questions an expectant parent is likely to be asked is ‘so…do you want a boy or a girl?’ to which the answer, whether true or not, is often ‘we don’t care as long as it has ten fingers and ten toes’. Although this answer clearly means that all they wish […]

Grunt, Set and Match

Today we will see Maria Sharapova finally step back onto centre court for the Wimbledon Ladies Final. Undeniably a pleasure to watch, the annoyingly loud ‘grunts’ that Sharapova is now famous for are much less pleasing on the ears. Reaching levels of up to 100db, Sharapova’s exhalations can be distracting for both viewer and her […]

Does sex sell?

The news has been inundated with talk fear that we are over sexualising our children. But are we as adults being oversexualised as well? It is true that we can’t turn our heads without seeing scantily clad models advertising everything from milkshakes to melon ballers. But does this really work? For suppliers to increase their […]

Music Makes You Lose Control

It is starting to get colder. Dark clouds are rolling in over London and our coats and umbrellas are already back in action. It must be the festival season. Over the next few months, hundreds of thousands of people will flock to the British countryside for a few days of hedonistic revelry and copious amounts […]

The Science of Talent

Yesterday was the final of Britain’s Got Talent. Though I can’t deny watching the general public take to the stage is entertaining and often times hilarious, occasionally I worry that the rest of the world is watching and concluding that the best we have to offer is a middle aged couple with no rhythm grasping […]

Superlab To The Rescue? Maybe not says my honourable friend

King’s Cross is an area of London that could really do with a spring clean and a lick of paint and the recently opened St Pancras Hotel has hoped to do just that. It cannot be denied that this incredible building has brought a new sense of class to the area; however, a £730 million […]

Sun Sneezing

Although I am a massive fan of all this warm weather and cloudless sky, the inevitable rise in the pollen count does tend to put a downer on this time of year. However, this year I seem to be escaping the usually debilitating side effects of hay fever. I am, however, not quite as smug […]

New flu treatment increases immune response

April is not really the correct time of year for the sun to have his hat on with such conviction. Regardless of the month, when the sun does come out to play London seems to transform. People make eye contact with you, smile, laugh openly in the streets, hug strangers and take everything at a […]

Go on then…just one more!

There are those among us, myself included, who explain away their inability to say no to one more drink or one more packet of biscuits by proclaiming that they have an ‘addictive personality’ which somehow makes their lack of self control socially acceptable. Despite using this excuse many times myself, deep down I thought this […]

Rockhoppers at Risk

I must apologise for posting another penguin-themed blog post. However the latest plight of the endangered northern rockhopper penguin has been somewhat overshadowed by the events in Libya and Japan and so I thought they deserved this small piece of attention. On March 16th the MS Olivia ran aground on Nightingale Island which lies to […]

Diamonds could be everyone’s best friend!

Despite what many students may firmly believe, money can’t buy you happiness, right? A lot of money can, however, buy you diamonds and although I’ve never been financially stable enough to test the theory, it seems that diamonds can make women very, very happy indeed. It also seems that the bigger the diamond, the happier […]

Singing Against the Tide

I’m sure I am not the only one who is missing Camila’s Monday blog posts on the exploits of the animals at Buin Zoo. So for me, and any nostalgic readers out there, here is a little animal anecdote to fill the void. This is the story of the loneliest whale in the world. This […]

R2 is the droid you’ve been looking for

Question: What do mice, dogs, squirrel monkeys, tortoises, oyster toadfish, harvester ants, carpenter bees, turtles, humans, newts, chimpanzees and flour beetles all have in common? Answer: They have all been into space! This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the animals (which also includes ourselves) we have sent into the heavens, and […]

Good Call

I was definitely a slow starter when it came to mobile phones, and so the excitement and anticipation of getting one was almost unbearable. I remember being brought quickly back down to earth as I discovered that the phone didn’t bring as much freedom with it as I had expected. Phone-free zones were everywhere and […]

Happy Birthday Charlie

I have always found the idea of continuing to celebrate someone’s birthday after they have died a rather strange concept. However, for Charles Darwin I can make an exception. Today is his 202nd birthday and so celebrations are definitely in order. For those of you who live under a rock, Charles Darwin came up with […]

The Big Issue

Following all the arctic antics and farmyard fun on the blog this week I’m sorry to say that today we turn to a more sombre theme, but do not fear, there is science in our midst (see below). For many of us here at Imperial College, our morning hike through the South Kensington tunnel is made […]

Power napping your way to the top

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that many, if not all, of my business ideas lack any real possibility of becoming a reality. However, earlier this week scientists from Germany and Switzerland have seemingly issued support for my latest get-rich-quick scheme, unbeknownst to them. I am a napper. During periods of intense exam preparation I […]

The State of Science

On Tuesday 25th January, President of the United States Barack Obama will give his second State of the Union Address, fulfilling his constitutional duty: ‘He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.’ The […]