The Dark Side of Polling: a pseudo-review of “Proofiness” by Charles Seife

            Polling is one of the most used ways to gauge the feelings or opinions of a large group of people. It’s been used for centuries. According to the book Proofiness, by Charles Seife, the first polling, or at least first political polling “was conducted by the Pennsylvanian, a Harrisburg newspaper, in July 1824” (93). […]

I, Science Radio-20 January 2020

This week we’re getting gutsy as we discuss all things microbiome. Presenter Jacqui Wakefield and producer Ryna Lau were joined in the studio by Lydia Melville, Sara Helm Knudson, and Harry Jenkins. We discussed how the microbiome works in the gut and in the vagina. This week’s show was presented by Jacqui Wakefield and produced […]

I, Science Radio-11 November 2019

This week for our radio show we remember those who fought in wars around the globe. We discuss how war has affected science and how science has affected the war. Today’s show had Ryna as the presenter, Jacqui as a producer, with guest stars Billy Irving and Kenna Castleberry. Ryna she began the discussion with […]

I, Science Radio-7 October, 2019

Welcome new I, Science Radio crew! Our new producer is Ryna Lau and our new presenter is Jacqui Wakefield. They were joined in the studio by the I, Science magazine co-editors Charlotte Hartley and Priyanka Dasgupta, and 2019 Science Communication M.Sc. student and creative director Jack Monaghan. Discussion included the benefits of being involved in […]