A Peek at the Pairing Scheme

Since it featured on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, The Royal Society’s Parliamentary Pairing Scheme has seen increased media attention, not all of which has been positive. Alex Smith, a sociologist at the University of Warwick, questioned the credibility of the scheme in an article on the Making Science Public blog. This was recently republished […]

Are new STFC science journalism prizes “junkets”?

Last week, journalist and blogger Paul Raeburn wrote a highly critical piece on a pair of relatively new science journalism awards, calling them ‘junkets’. Alok Jha, science correspondent at The Guardian, agreed on Twitter that one of the awards was ‘dodgy’. The first is the European Astronomy Journalism Prize, awarded by the Science and Technology […]

#Scicom21 Review: The Scientist as Public Intellectual

This is part of a series of reviews of the sessions held by the Science Communication Group on 13th September, in celebration of 21 years of the Science Communication MSc at Imperial College. We will be putting up reviews of each session over the next couple of weeks. If you went to the celebrations and […]

Podcast: Scientists in Parliament

Julian Huppert MP Decisions about science that affect our lives are being made by people with little knowledge of those areas. Should we be worried? Debacles such as Tony Blair’s handling of the MMR vaccine scandal in the early Noughties show what can go wrong when science is poorly handled by politicians. Ten years on, […]

It’s Not the Weather

The evidence grows stronger by the day. Most people now accept that it is happening. It could put millions of lives at risk, yet many are still reluctant to act upon it. According to Dr Alexa Spence of the University of Nottingham, psychological distance is a big part of the problem: “Climate change is an […]

Move Over, ELISA – There’s a New Test in Town

Every year, 36,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Having the cancer surgically removed can be a very painful process, both physically and emotionally. One can only imagine how it would feel to have undergone such a procedure only to be told that its success is uncertain. Yet this is a sad […]