Your world’s a toxic, dark hole

Your home is your only place of sanctuary. Yet, lurking in the walls is a silent menace. It is a noxious, suffocating, toxic presence, creeping out of cracks and threatening to overwhelm you if you let your guard down. If you venture out to collect food, you face attack: your only option is to flee […]

What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

The weather’s a staple topic of conversation, but most of the time, we’re not using words like ‘immense’ or ‘breathtaking’. However, in some remote and exotic places, there’s weather phenomena worthy of much more than just filling space between tube stations or smoothing over the awkward moments when you run into an aquaintance whose name […]

Science Behind the Photo #4

The startling yellow chemical in this photo is the ferricyanide anion, [Fe(CN)6]3−. Ferricyanide has a colourful history, rising to prominence for its use in the dark Prussian Blue dye when combined with iron. More recently, its electroactivity has become important in a range of applications. In this experiment, the ferricyanide is being used to mediate, […]