September 22, 2021

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

When midnight struck on the 17th August, most stoners were probabily blissfully unaware of the significance, as they rummaged through cupboards for food and listened to Pink Floyd at ear-bleeding levels.

Science has always been pretty good mates with cannabis. At least unofficially, from the rambling philosophical chats about space and time, to just general ‘insight’ into the world around. But this moment marks the moment when science truly entered cannabis culture. As forget the 60s, dirty hippies, and crowds of school kids sneaking a cheeky joint down alleyways. As the clock struck 12, Medicinal Genomics, who are unsurprising based in the Netherlands, released the raw sequencing data for cannabis,  opening up a plethora of opportunities for the plant which has long been heralded for its properties.

Now that its been sequenced, the genome could be used to develop new strains of cannabis, and help advance the medicinal use of the plant’s compounds, which have shown to be powerful in combating cancer. I think it’s fair to say that Bob Marley would be proud that his humble herb has come so far.

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By George Wigmore
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